18 Ways to Exercise a Dog Indoors

While nothing can replace a nice walk or hike in the fresh air, it’s good to know your dog can still get a great workout indoors.

From walking your dog around a big box pet supply store, to setting up an obstacle course in your living room, these are just two ideas to ensure your dog gets the exercise he needs every day. 

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Why Exercise a Dog Indoors?

  • Bad weather (your dog refuses to walk in the rain or it’s too cold for your dog to go out)
  • You’re experiencing health issues that limit your ability to get outside
  • High temperatures prevent you from walking during the day
  • Your dog is recovering from surgery or illness and needs to take it easy
  • He’s not a big fan of taking long walks, so you’re looking for ways to give him more exercise

18 Suggestions for an Indoor Exercise Routine

Note: Sorry if this is obvious, but it’s important to mention. Not every activity will be suitable for every dog, and will depend on age and physical ability.

18 ways to exercise a dog indoors

Visit a pet supply or other big box store

Not only are these great places to exercise your dog, they present many opportunities to socialize him or her as well. Here’s how:

  • Meeting other dogs
  • Interacting with a variety of people (men, women, kids)
  • Being exposed to things like strollers, shopping carts, different sounds and even floor surfaces

Set up an obstacle/agility course

The great thing about an obstacle course is, you don’t need a lot of room. Chewy, Amazon and other online retailers have a variety of equipment to choose from or if you prefer, go the DIY route.

  • Throw a couple of pillows on the floor for your dog to walk between, or buy orange cones in the dollar store.
  • Rest each end of a broom on a couple of bricks or bowls turned upside down, then let him step over it.
  • Make a tunnel using blankets, or take a cardboard box and cut the ends off.
  • Hold a hula hoop and have your dog walk or jump through it. How high off the ground will depend on his or her mobility. 

Super easy…right?

A fun game of tug

There has been debate in the dog community as to whether or not tug of war causes aggression. If you already have an aggressive dog, it’s not the best game to play. My neighbor’s large breed 8 month old puppy loves it! It releases energy, and is a great way to help with training (“wait” and “drop it” for example). You may have to use a long enough rope so he doesn’t get fingers!

Read this:Is Tug-of-War Bad for Dogs?

Exercise on the stairs

Depending on your dog’s age and health, he may be able to run or at least walk up all or a few stairs. Stand on the step he’s able to reach, throw his favorite toy to the bottom and have your dog bring it back up. After a few rounds he’ll be ready for a nap.

best ways to exercise a dog indoors

Go for a swim

A great form of exercise for dogs of all ages and mobility levels, search for an indoor doggie pool in your area. What about a covered outdoor pool, like they have in Florida and other hot climates? If there isn’t one and you have a really small dog, what about letting him go for a swim in the bathtub!

Organise a play date

At your place or theirs, getting together for a doggie play date is so fun for the pups, and their people!! Whenever one of my dog’s friends comes over they run around like lunatics, then have to rest because they’re so tired out.

Make a ball pit

Have you ever seen a ball pit at an indoor kids’ play area? Well, why not make the same thing for your dog! Get yourself a small plastic wading pool and fill it with plastic balls and you’re done.

If your dog is a chewer, please make sure the balls are safe, and don’t leave him or her unsupervised to avoid any choking incidents.

Puzzle toys

The mental stimulation a dog gets from figuring out a puzzle toy helps release pent up energy, that’s why it’s a perfect addition to a dog’s exercise routine. A quick search will bring up a good selection, but depending on your budget, can get costly. Alternatively, make your own for little or no money, Pinterest is a great resource for that. 

Buy puzzle toys here!

Play fetch

Fetch is a fantastic way for your dog to burn off excess energy, and can be tailored to your dog’s ability. Even rolling a ball along the floor will make a difference.


Flyball, agility, scent work or just fun and games, find some local classes and give them a try. You’re bound to find something your dog will love.

Put your dog on the treadmill

A treadmill is a great way to get your dog moving. Using one built for humans is not the safest option, it’s best to buy one created specifically for dogs. They can be pricey but if you live in a climate that keeps your dog indoors a significant amount of time, the benefits to his overall health may be worth the investment.


That’s right! It means yoga for dogs and it’s not only a different form of exercise, it’s a great bonding experience for the two of you! If you can’t find a class in your area, here’s a video to get you started.

Teach your dog a new trick or two

Training is not only fun and an opportunity to bond, it also provides your dog with mental stimulation which helps work off energy and stave off boredom.

Of course he’s already well trained, but there’s always something new he could learn. How about teaching him the names of some of his toys, then getting him to bring them to you!!

Get your dog to help around the house

I just mentioned teaching names of toys, but what about human items? For example: teach him what a sock is, then get him to pick them up and bring them to you. Ask him to put the toys he knows the names of in the toy basket.

Buy or make a snuffle mat

To put it simply, you hide various treats or parts of your dog’s meal in the mat, then he forages for them. This fun brain game relieves boredom and pent up energy. Amazon has lots of styles to choose from, or make your own if you’re feeling crafty.

Play hide and seek

Whether you or one of your kids hides and your dog has to seek, or you hide a bunch of yummy treats around the house he has to find, it will keep him busy, exercise his brain and even tire him out.

Visit an indoor dog park

Indoor dog parks are such a great idea, bringing the fun of the outdoors inside!  

Not every park will offer the same services and amenities but they typically offer things like –

  • Artificial grass
  • Park benches
  • Tons of equipment for dogs to play on
  • Ball pits
  • Separate areas for dogs of different sizes
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Some even cater to dogs that need training or have issues when the park is quiet
  • Refreshments for dogs and their people

Buy your dog some new toys

I know we never need an excuse for this one, but if it’s been a while and he’s stuck indoors, now is the time to buy him something new to spark his interest. Whether it’s a chew toy, a bone or a stuffed toy he can really sink his teeth into, it’s a fun way to burn calories and keep your dog busy. Just like the puzzle toys above, there are plenty of low or no cost ways to make some, a quick search or visit to Pinterest will give you great ideas.


As you’ve seen, there are so many options for exercising your dog indoors, weather and other circumstances beyond our control no longer have to prevent our dogs from getting the exercise they need and love.

How do you exercise and stimulate your dog when you can’t go outside? Sharing helps others so please leave a comment below. 


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