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Welcome to My In Person Training Page 

I understand the frustration you’re feeling, having a dog that is shy, fearful or aggressive. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get him to walk, he’s nervous when you leave the house, too afraid to ride in the car, hates the vet and goes after you if you go near his food bowl or try to take a toy away from him. 

I can relate!

Many of my rescues have been anxious, including Jack who currently shares my life. I dreaded walking him, and when I would see a person or dog in the distance I knew what was coming next!

With training he began to improve over time, to the point where I can say walks are enjoyable.

It may be hard to imagine at the moment, but it really is possible to reduce to your dog’s anxiety, in many cases significantly.

I offer in person, one on one training and advice in Gosport, Alverstoke, Lee, Stubbington and Portsmouth. 

Why is your dog afraid of rain


What you will get from me

• My complete dedication and commitment to helping you and your dog live the best life

• My best tips and advice to help you help your dog FINALLY relax! 

After each session you will:

• Receive a written summary of what was discussed for your reference

• Have tools to help stabilize/manage the situation right away

• A plan you can start implementing immediately to deal with the issues you’re concerned about

• Homework for the next session

• Benefit from email support between sessions


What your dog needs from you

• A commitment to follow the recommendations

• Consistency

• Patience and understanding

• To reach out and ask for clarification if you’re not sure about something


Initial Consultation – FREE

This is an opportunity for me to hear about your concerns, which will help me recommend the best way forward. That may mean you will benefit from just one session, or a package would be the best and most economical.

It’s also a chance for you to get to know me a little bit, and decide if I’m the right support for you and your dog.

FREE – 15 minutes


Ask a Question/Pay As You Need

If you prefer not to commit to a package at this time, then this is right for you. There’s no limit to how many times we chat, it’s just “as and when” you want!

£38.00 per session, which is typically 60 minutes. 


To book your FREE 15 minute, no obligation consultation, a training session or if you have any questions, get in touch using THIS link. 


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