Hello everyone and welcome to Your Anxious Dog. Helping your shy, fearful and anxious dog FINALLY relax!

I have a few questions to ask you.

When you take your dog for a walk, does he or she go after people and other dogs? How does that feel? Frustrating? Nerve wracking? Embarrassing? Have you gotten to the point of not going for walks, and just taking them for quick pee/poop breaks?

How does your dog handle a car ride? Is he excited at the road trip ahead, or shaking and even throwing up? Is it a battle to just get him inside?

Are you avoiding vet visits because your dog is so freaked out it’s just not fair?

If company comes over, is your dog excited? Hides under the bed? Growls and barks?

I don’t know how many you’ve answered YES to, but I’ve answered yes to a few of them over the years!

Help is here

Whether one or more of these issues are recent, been getting worse over time or it’s been years, please take comfort knowing there are things you can do that will help.

Can I guarantee every issue will be resolved? No, and no one can.

Is there hope things can get better? Yes.

What can I offer you ask?

A website with articles on a variety of topics, that include action plans

A FB page with live videos and helpful tips

My dog training and care service, offering one on one virtual sessions via Zoom. Please visit my Packages and Rates page for more information.




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